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David Hilt

Compliance Advisor

David has nearly 40 years of experience in electric power system engineering, operation, and regulatory activities. Using this experience, he has established a reputation as a leading expert in bulk power system reliability including planning, design, operations, and compliance. David works with numerous clients on projects related to electric grid outage settlements, FERC Order 1000 opportunities, training, and transmission system expansion. His recent experience includes leading efforts with clients to ensure physical security for NERC’s CIP-014 reliability standard for physical security including individual critical site assessments.


During his tenure as Vice President and Director of Compliance at NERC, David led the development of the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program for the bulk power system reliability standards in North America, working closely with the industry, FERC, and Canadian regulatory authorities. He has also developed audit programs, event analysis, and investigation processes. While at NERC, he led the investigation of the August 2003 blackout in the Northeastern United States and Canada, providing the technical input to the U.S.-Canada Power System Outage Task Force report.

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