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Eddie Rhyne

Compliance Advisor

Eddie Rhyne holds expertise in generation, transmission, and distribution areas of the electric industry, compliance risk management, compliance Gap Analysis, documentation review, and audit preparation.


He has extensive utility experience in risk management, strategic and system planning, engineering, power system operations, and general management of system operations. He served in management of overseas utilities and consultation of overseas utility development.


Eddie’s career began in 1968 at Duke Power. His progression included power system operations and energy control liaison serving both internal and external customers with international, federal, state, and county stakeholders.


Through the engagements in his career, he has managed daily operations, supervised staffs of up to 160 people, managed budgets in excess of $30 million, designed, built, installed, and operated SCADA systems, ensured plants were built to meet required specifications, handled public communications and customer relations, and facilitated and ensured all transmission and distribution systems were operated to highest standards.

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