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Gary Jackson, NCSO

Training Advisor

Gary is an energetic trainer offering students an in-depth knowledge of NERC certification. His understanding and interpretation of system reliability, applications of standards and regulations, and emergency operations and restoration offers students an opportunity to effectively prepare for NERC examination.


His ability to analyze, design, develop, and implement training material comes from a strong background in the utility industry. This experience allows him to effectively distinguish areas of training improvement for clients’ success in the regulatory arena.


Gary’s experience includes time with large and diverse energy organizations such as Orlando Utilities Commission, Calpine Corporation and Colorado Springs Utilities. He has served in significant roles including Generation Dispatch, Strategic Development, Market Operations, Control Area Operations, and Energy Operations.


He has spent more than 39 years learning and implementing power system operations and regulations. His background and experience from the operator level gives insight to, and in-depth knowledge of, actual day-to-day functions meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements. Gary provides a climate of interaction to effectively achieve extraordinary results for the client.



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