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Linda Perez

Senior Advisory Services Manager

Linda has more than 25 years’ experience leading, facilitating, and supporting compliance operations and engineering efforts in large, grid-management system environments. Her efforts have focused on compliance issues in the power industry and helped facilitate a culture of compliance within organizations. Linda brings that experience to assisting our clients in building an effective compliance program.


Prior to SOS, Linda assessed client compliance with NERC CIP and 693 standards to report and address any deficiencies or gaps. She prepared RSAWs for compliance audits, wrote client policies, procedures, and guidelines to establish compliance, and acted as an SME during compliance audits.


Linda spent six years with WECC managing the Reliability Coordinator function for the Western Interconnection. Prior to that, she assisted NERC with readiness evaluations of FRCC entities and helped conduct on-site compliance audits among other responsibilities in her role as Manager of Compliance.

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