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Pamela Ey, PhD

Training Program Strategist

For more than 20 years, Pam has focused on changes needed to achieve individual and organizational performance goals. In 2012, she founded The Center for Innovative Decision Making and brings her body of work from those practice areas to SOS including planning, implementing, mitigating, and evaluating effective training and business processes. In her previous role as SOS Director of Operations, Pam assisted clients in meeting the requirements of PER-005-1 and brings her experience and knowledge to those preparing for PER-005-2 and building “best in class” training programs.


To support practice areas with actionable programs, she creates and delivers programs and workshops for utilities on a global basis. She serves as a research fellow with the Center for Applied Cognitive Studies where her collaboration with Dr. Pierce Howard includes projects designed to optimize people through trait infrastructure, 360° feedback, and track-by-level job competency modeling.  Pam served as lead researcher of the 4th edition of The Owner’s Manual for the Brain, published in 2014.

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