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Each phase of the ADDIE model (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate) is discussed - for a total of five webinars - helping your training department deliver effective, performance-based training. The ADDIE model is a systematic approach to training which establishes consistency, structure, and engagement.



Don't Just Tell - Train
ADDIE Model: Developing Compliant and Creative Training

Webinar Training

This series of four, incorporates how to effectively present your training content to ensure trainees are engaged, retain information, and transfer that information to the job while complying with NERC standards.


Enhance your training skills by accessing the series or individual webinars: 


Many clients have identified writing as a significant challenge, particularly for procedures, learning objectives, test questions, and individual learning activities (ILA). This series teaches participants how to effectively write training that facilitates the transfer of knowledge and meets expected standards using the fundamental skills necessary for planning, composing, and editing effective training. The fundamental skills necessary for planning, composing, and editing effective training. Specifically, this series focuses on utilizing appropriate writing structure, measurement, procedures, and style. Our instructors demonstrate the skills and challenges critical to all components of strategic training.


Writing it Right

Producing effective support material for training

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All webinars on this page are pre-recorded and available in the SOS University. Contact an Account Manager to learn more.


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