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NERC Certification

Our NERC Certification: Exam Preparation Program assesses your individual strengths and weaknesses then guides you through a program designed with your end goal in mind - becoming a System Operator. We offer instructor-led and online training designed to help you pass the NERC certification exam. Our program will not only get you certified but help you protect the reliability and safety of the grid - because reliability matters!


After you pass the exam, your credentials are maintained through the SOS University and our continuing education program. No matter what stage you are in with your certification, SOS provides everything you need, including Initial Operator Training courses, continuing education hours, simulation courses, and advanced courses for the seasoned System Operator.

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NERC Certification Resources

Contact an SOS Account Manager for more details.

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It's important to review a variety of resources while preparing for the exam. Find out more about NERC's System Operator certification and testing.

Andy Burch

Senior Technical Trainer

Manager of Training Services

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Training Advisor

Our NERC Instructors

Bob Tomsky

Technical Training Specialist

3:00-4:00 PM (Eastern)

Regularly scheduled office

hours every Friday  







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Gary Jackson

Training Advisor

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