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The information below is a brief outline of the Standard. For detailed information, please see the proposed Standard PER-005-2.



•  Reliability Coordinators (RC)

•  Transmission Operators (TOP)

•  Balancing Authorities (BA)

•  Transmission Owners (TO)

•  Generator Operators (GOP)


Who is affected?

PER-005-2 extends applicability to certain Generation Operators and Transmission Owners. In addition, it now includes Reliability Coordinator, Balancing Authority, and Transmission Operator identified operations support personnel.


Entities are no longer required to provide 32 hours of emergency operations training every 12 months. Instead, entities must determine the appropriate number of hours and timeframe using a systematic approach to training.


Two definitions were clarified through the Standard – System Operator and Operations Support Personnel.


•  System Operator – An individual at a Control Center of a Balancing Authority, Transmission Operator, or Reliability Coordinator, who operates or directs the operation of the Bulk Electric System in real-time.


•  Operations Support Personnel – Individuals performing current day or next day outage coordination or assessments, or determining SOLs, IROLs, or operating nongrams (used in the WECC Region to describe element operating limits), in direct support of real-time operations of the Bulk Electric System.


Enforcement Date

The enforcement date for this standard was July 1, 2016.


Things to Consider

Any applicable entity not currently required to comply with PER-005-1 must develop a training program utilizing a systematic approach to training for all company-specific, reliability-related tasks. Entities currently compliant with PER-005-1 must extend their training program to newly applicable areas.

Transmission Owners must now develop formal training programs for system operators who can act independently to operate or direct the operation of the Transmission Owner’s Bulk Electric System transmission facilities in Real-time, including local transmission control center operation personnel. Generation Operators must address personnel responsible for completing Generation Operator function tasks at a centrally located dispatch center. Each training program must utilize a systematic approach to training for specified operating personnel in each function.


Transmission Owners must assess the capability to perform company-specific, reliability-related tasks for its applicable personnel.


It is important to note that NERC Certification is not required for Transmission Owner or Generation Operator personnel. 

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