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Since 2002, SOS has provided industry-leading training and compliance program services to electric utilities. We rigorously track and interpret NERC Reliability Standards, expertly translating them into customized training and compliance solutions - helping to manage risk and ensure reliability for the North American power grid.


SOS offers instructor-led and online courses, accompanied by sophisticated computer simulation. All are designed using a systematic approach to training, as required by NERC.  


Our team of experts in NERC training and compliance hold an array of industry certifications. They understand the industry-specific challenges you face and will provide you with focused, personalized attention - and the high quality service - you need and your business deserves to keep the grid reliable.  





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Director of Advisory Services

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Director of Finance

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When your responsibility is reliability, you can never stop looking for the best and the brightest professionals. Click below to view current opportunities or contact us with any questions.






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