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NERC Compliance Services

As the NERC and regional compliance environment becomes increasingly complex, many companies are finding they have neither the time nor sufficient resources to stay on top of the latest requirements and guidelines.


SOS focuses its Compliance Services on guiding our clients toward an organizational culture of compliance, identifying practices to help reduce the likelihood of system disturbances.

Our Advisory Services Team

Compliance Advisor

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Jim Stanton

Director of Advisory Services

Linda Perez

Senior Advisory Services Manager

Reliability Compliance in the West

WECC Compliance

Jim Stanton and Linda Perez reviewed the unique aspects of NERC compliance in the WECC Region. The webinar specifically addressed risk-based registration, compliance program maturity, and physical security.


Comparison of 2017 and 2018

Risk Elements

NERC has released the 2018 CMEP Implementation Plan which offers an increase from 2017 to the number of Standards and Requirements identified as areas of focus for compliance oversight. Overall, the Standards increase from 27 to 39 and Requirements increase also from 64 to 89.

Other Services

David Hilt

Compliance Advisor

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