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PRC-005-6 Protection System Maintenance

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On Friday, December 18, 2016, FERC approved Reliability Standard PRC-005-6. Previously proposed versions (PRC-005-3, PRC-005-4, etc.) will not become effective or enforceable.



•  Transmission Owners (TO)

•  Generation Owners (GO)

•  Distribution Providers (DP)


Who is affected?

The Standard change now includes Automatic Reclosers, Sudden Pressure Relays, Remedial Action Schemes, and some supervisory relays for Reclosers. FERC approved a single implementation plan for these changes. Those components and/or facilities newly introduced by PRC-005-6 (including Sudden Pressure Relaying, Automatic Reclosing Components, and dispersed generation resources) will be covered by the following Implementation Plan:


•  Requirements R1, R2, and R5

  > For Automatic Reclosing Components, Sudden Pressure Relaying Components, and dispersed

     generation resources, entities shall be 100% compliant on the first day of the first calendar quarter

     12 months following applicable regulatory approvals of PRC-005-6 (effective date January 1, 2017)


•  Requirements R3 and R4

   > For Automatic Reclosers (including supervision) and Sudden Pressure Relays with a six year

      interval, the entity must have 30%, 60%, and 100% of devices tested by 36 months (or end of first

      plant outage if longer than 36 months between outages), 72 months, and 84 months after

      January 1, 2016

   > For a 12-year interval, the entity must have 30%, 60%, and 100% of devices tested by 60 months,

      108 months, and 156 months after January 1, 2016


No changes were made to the implementation plan for transition from PRC-005-1 to PRC-005-2(i). As such, all components with existing requirements under currently effective PRC-005-2(i) will continue to follow the PRC-005-2(i) implementation plan. The PRC-005-2(i) Standard will remain in effect until an entity implements the new PRC-005-6 Standard.


For questions or assistance in interpreting the changes, contact us today.




Enforcement Date

The enforcement date for PRC-005-6 was January 1, 2016.

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Director of Advisory Services

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